Fresco CleanTech Solutions

fostering responsible, ethical and sustainable companies

Successfully Invest in Clean Technology

Fresco CleanTech Solutions is an independent, London-based consultancy dedicated to the fostering of clean technology, decarbonization and food security via innovative, yet bankable, financing structures.

Clients include project developers, owners, regulators and investors which are seeking or enabling investment in the Energy Transition by engaging in financing|technology disruptors.

With specialist project financing experience and extensive networking skills, Fresco Clean Tech is astutely placed to provide solutions across the energy transition: from development expenditure (devex) to equity to mezzanine | senior debt and negotiating power purchase agreements.

Geographic coverage spans

Continental Europe, the United Kingdom and Singapore.

Fresco CleanTech's overarching objective is to enable solutions to address the United Nations' climate change tenets, reiterated in the 2016 Paris Agreement of adopting "common but differentiated responsibilities."

Gender Equality is pivotal to achieving any and all of these sustainable developments goals.

All SDGs are vital and should be equally sought.