Corporate Social Responsibility

Paying It Forward and Contributing to Building Youth Confidence, Ending Homelessness and Reducing Food Waste | Poverty is fundamental to Fresco CleanTech's remit.

Building Youth Confidence

Halogen Foundation (Singapore): Training, Mentoring, Influencing, Inspiring and Creating "future ready" youth

The Brokerage: A young person’s ability and aspiration alone determine their career path.

ESU: Building oracy and listening skills alongside cultural understandings to help young people thrive

Ending Homelessness

No one should miss a roof over their heads. Many ways to support: from volunteering at the high street stores to collecting donated items to simply saying hello to that human on the street!

Reducing Food Waste and Alleviating Food Poverty

Food Cycle: Volunteers collect surplus fruit, vegetables and dry|canned goods with which innovative 3-course meals are created on the spot from those ingredients!